Why Respecting and Being On Time is Important When Meeting with Clients

business strategy client relations clients leadership productivity Jul 14, 2022

We hear phrases like “time is a commodity,” or “time is precious,” and when it comes to meeting with your clients, these statements are spot-on. Meeting with your clients and being on time can signify so much more than just the respectful nature of the gesture. It can say a lot about you and your reliability, and can even grant you more time. Here’s more on why being on time is important and how it can benefit you and your sales.

It can grant you more time.

Being on time and respecting your clients’ time can actually grant you more time with them. For instance, let’s say you’re only given five minutes with a client, you have three main points you want to discuss with them, but you only get through two and your five minutes is almost up. 

By acknowledging and communicating with them that you know they only have five minutes left and that you’d love to chat another time to finish your points, they are much more likely to grant you the extra minute or two to finish then and there because you respected and honored their time. They will be much more inclined to hear more of you and see more of what you have to offer. 

It shows that you care about the client.

When you deliver on time, this shows the client that you care about the deal you are trying to close. When you promise to deliver something on time and you fail to do so, this can make the client question you and your credibility. 

The client may start to think that you’re always prone to being late or that you aren’t too reliable. It’s all about the message that you’re sending to your client. Remember, if you fail to show that you care, there’s always another person that they can find who will.

So, be sure to be on time, look the part and come prepared no matter what day of the week it is, what time it is, or whether you’re meeting with them in-person or not. 

It will open more doors of support for those around you.

Being on time is a gesture that will be remembered not only by your clients, but by those around you. Not only are you showing respect when you’re on time, but you’re showing that you honored them. 

Whether you close a sale or not, this will open more doors of support for the people around your clients. Every time you walk into that office, they’re going to remember you as someone who is guaranteed to show up and get the work done. They’re going to be more prone to let you in if you’ve done business there because they know you’re respectful. 

Always remember that time is a precious commodity. Be sure to keep this in mind as you’re closing your sales, and continue to respect that. It will always become a valuable asset to you and as you continue building your empire.

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