How to Scale Your Sales

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If one of your goals is to see more growth in your business, knowing how to scale your business is key. 

This involves doing what you can to ensure that you are taking great care of your customers and the people around you so that you can continue having people come back for more.

In order to start seeing the growth that you want, there are a few things you can do. 

Have a good client retention policy in place

Client retention is important because many of your previous customers are likely to become new customers again. They’ve had the chance to see how well you work together, and have built enough trust to be able to work with you again. 

While you can still go out and get new leads, make sure that the clients you have now are your top priority. They are the ones that will continue coming back to you, especially if you are taking good care of them.

When it comes to your current clients and new leads, you can strengthen client retention by making sure that they have everything they need to remain loyal to your business. 

This can include a customer loyalty program, or even just maintaining strong communication with them at all times. Doing so can have a positive impact on your client base, and can leave them coming back for more. 

Make sure that you implement servant leadership

When you are working with other people within your business , it is important to be a servant leader. 

Look for those opportunities where you can give feedback and openly communicate with them about how things are working and what can be done better.

People don’t know what you’re thinking, and as a leader, some people may feel intimidated or afraid to talk to you first. 

It’s important that you take the initiative to have important conversations with the people you are working with, and encourage an environment where it’s fine to be open and honest about how things are going professionally and personally. 

“You network is your net worth”

Networking can present a world of possibilities for your business when done effectively and efficiently.

Be sure to network with people that you will be able to get referrals from. Sometimes you can get referrals simply by referring a person to someone else. 

For instance, if you’re working with someone and you don’t have the service that they are asking for, refer them to someone who can get the job done rather than being envious that they are in need of someone else.

There’s a chance that person can refer someone back to you, and it shows that you are capable of taking care of the people inside and outside of your network.

Have a strong follow up system in place

Think about your follow up system. Is it an email campaign? Text message campaign? 

Your follow up communication can go a long way for the people that you work with. If you have a service, be sure to go the extra mile and follow up on how it’s going so far, how they’re progressing, and if they have any questions. 

Your presence is important for others to see. It shows that you care and that you are taking care of them rather than letting them figure things out on their own. 

The more that you’re present with your customers and clients, the more they’re going to feel that from you.

Get out there and start taking care of your customers, follow up as needed, implement great servant leadership, network, and get your systems in place so that customers can continue coming back for more.

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