4 Quick Tips to Build Better Relationships with Potential Clients

clients high-ticket relationships sales sales strategy Apr 30, 2022

Feeling anxious and clueless when speaking to potential clients? Are you struggling to build a better rapport with them? Or, what if you’re reeling them in, but they switch their minds last minute? This is a common problem that most of us struggle with when trying to get high ticket clients. 

The key is having a strong, trusting relationship with them that will make them feel like they need your product or service. But, it all starts with your communication style. The way you’re communicating with them and coming across to them will determine if they can trust you, or not. I’ve made plenty of mistakes myself and have perfected my technique that now I’m wanting to share it with others. In this blog post, I will be sharing four tips on how to build better communications skills and relationships that will convert your potential clients into booked clients. The best part is, it doesn’t take long to do! 

Let’s get started… 

TIP #1: Be More Relaxed 

It can be a bit nerve-racking and intimidating when speaking to potential clients, especially if they’re your first one. Some of us will make the mistake of using extremely intellectual verbiage to sound more professional. Sometimes, we’re too structured in our conversations that they become too serious and dull. All of these will lead to making your potential client feeling uncomfortable and alienated. They’ll feel too embarrassed to ask questions and too doubtful on whether you two will get along. 

An easy fix to this is to simply relax during your conversations. Your conversation style should be conversational and inviting, and not so controlling. Let them do the majority of the talking and answer any questions they may have. This will make them feel like you actually care about their worries and needs, which in the long run will build more trust.

TIP #2: Be More Open and Transparent 

This is another important communication technique that you should incorporate during your meetings with potential clients. Your clients should have the floor and space to talk and feel heard, but it’s just as important for you to do some of the talking too. When you’re not open and transparent with prospects, there’s more room for things to grow wrong and they might be able to sense your dishonesty. 

Avoid getting into trouble by being open and honest up front. Let them know about the product or service, how it works, and what to expect. You should also mention any risks or potential problems that are associated with your product or service. You will ease your prospect’s concerns and make them feel comfortable and confident in their decision to hire or buy from you. And, if they have any questions, they will feel willing to ask you any questions because they’ll know that you’ll give them an honest answer. 

TIP #3: Improve Your Questioning Techniques 

Asking questions is the best way to get to know your potential client and their needs. They’re also useful to navigate a conversation. Your conversations don’t have to be structured, but when you don’t know what to talk about… questions can be the solution. But, not all questions are the right kind to ask. 

Don’t ask questions that only require a “yes” or “no” answer. Instead, ask open-ended questions that require your prospect to be descriptive with their answers, so that you can then create a presentation, service, or product that correctly fits their needs. You also don’t have to ask question after question, simply let the conversation flow and ask open-ended questions that will lead to useful information. 

TIP #4: Close the Sale with CONFIDENCE

You’ve probably heard this saying before, “confidence is key,” and it’s true! When it comes to high ticket sales, you want to feel so confident in what you’re selling that you’re not worried about any questions they throw at you. You shouldn’t feel threatened by a question, instead see it as an invitation to speak confidently about your product or service. Someone is most likely going to buy from you if they see how confident you are in yourself. It will make them feel confident in their decision in trusting you. 

But, how do you gain more confidence? It may take some time to do, but come prepared to a meeting. You can write out questions that might be asked and answers that you can give if the opportunity presents itself. Prepare a few open-ended questions and have testimonials or references in hand. Most importantly, believe in yourself and in the work that you’re doing. 

You can build better relationships with prospects.

Building a strong rapport with potential clients may seem a bit intimidating. But, it’s not impossible. With these four simple tips I mentioned in this blog post, you can attain better communication skills and build stronger relationships that will land those high ticket sales.

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